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Re: many packages failing to build with a libtool issue (probably nothing to do with pkg_rr)

Hauke Fath <hauke%Espresso.Rhein-Neckar.DE@localhost> writes:

> Does this speak to anybody?

No, but I always ask that bugs that are not about pkg_rr not be reported
as such.  Besides just being good practice, a number of people do not
use pkg_rr and (quite reasonably) ignore any messages that mention it.
When something fails, please remove all workdirs and then do a manual
"make package" of the package that pkg_rr tried to replace.  If that
fails, then please report

  I tried to make package in foo/bar and got baz.

which is a far simpler error.  Although knowing this happens in many
packages is useful in this case.

I certainly use -k with pkg_rr, and that can lead to some package not
getting replaced (because of an issue with that package), and that can
provoke errors on others because the first one is out of date.  So while
I use -k to make as much progress as possible while away from the
computer, I only debug the first failure.

What is your first failure?  (clean workdirs, restart without -k)

If pkg_rr chooses packages in the wrong order, or does something else
wrong, by all means report that as such.  It certainly has issues.

Also, please specify your OS version, and pkgsrc version.

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