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Re: Daily packages for NetBSD/amd64 current

On 07/28, Greg Troxel wrote:
> "J. Lewis Muir" <> writes:
> > I run a stable branch of NetBSD, so I would ideally wish for packages
> > built for NetBSD 9 stable, but I understand that that wasn't what you
> > needed.
> In theory, 9.0_RELEASE and 9.0_STABLE have the same ABI and thus
> packages from one may be used on the other.  So far, we are not aware of
> any violations of that same-ABI rule.
> There are 9.0_STABLE 2020Q2 packages available for amd64 at:
> but TNF build systems do not, so far, create and distribute builds of
> pkgsrc head.

Yes, I understand that.  I was just saying that I could not use the
binary packages built by Jonathan because he is building against
NetBSD *current* rather than 9 stable.  (I appreciate is contribution
nonetheless.)  And I was liking Jonathan's NetBSD x86_64 packages over
TNF's for two reasons.  First, Jonathan's packages are signed, and I did
not think that TNF signed its packages, but I could be wrong about that.
Does TNF sign its packages?  Second, I like the idea of packages built
from a consistent bulk-build setup across all the platforms that I use.
(More about that below.)

> > Lastly, I like the idea of being able to build my own binary packages
> > using the same bulk-build setup across all platforms that I need.  (I
> > also like the idea of using binary packages on all platforms built from
> > the same bulk-build setup, but that doesn't apply here for me because I
> > would need packages built for NetBSD 9 stable.)  So, your addition of
> > support for NetBSD to pkgbuild is *highly appreciated* as NetBSD was the
> > last platform that I needed that wasn't supported by pkgbuild!
> Other than thinking this is a nice contribution, something I agree with,
> I don't follow this paragraph.  Bulk builds are for a particular OS, OS
> version, pkgsrc version, and thus if you want packages for multiple
> tuples you need multiple setups.

I'm saying that the pkgbuild bulk-build setup (a.k.a. infrastructure)
(e.g., pkgbuild, pkg_comp, Jason Bacon's UWM system, or a pbulk-based
system installed manually based on a wiki page or other documentation)
is the same across platforms.  This provides at least two benefits.
One, from a system administration POV, I only have to learn how to set
up and use one (limited) bulk-build setup across all the platforms I use
instead of having to set up and use a different setup on one or more
platforms.  Two, any given package will have been built with the exact
same options regardless of the platform.

> Especially if you want only a limited set of packages, running pbulk
> yourself should be quite doable.

Agreed, but still, setting up pbulk to build in a chroot is not that
straightforward and varies across platforms.


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