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Re: Recommended way to build www/apache24 with ldap (mod_authnz_ldap / mod_ldap) support?


Am 26.07.2020 um 10:44 schrieb Matthias Petermann:

Which challenges me at the moment how I get apache24 to create the ldap modules. Unfortunately, the modules do not end up in the Apache package:

dev# pkg_info -L apache|grep ldap

Am I doing something wrong?

Btw, the pkgsrc affected is from 2019-12-27 (current) but as far I can see there has been no relevant change in this ares since then.

Kind regards

...seems there was some non-ldap apr-util installed in the build environment, hindering the build to pick up the ldap-enabled one. Found this just out and fixed. So now it works as expected. Sorry for the noise.

Kind regards

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