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Re: x11/xterm

Nikita Gillmann <> writes:

>>> CONFIGURE_ARGS.standard= # empty
>>> CONFIGURE_ARGS.3d= --with-Xaw3d
>> Have you tested it on multiple archs/Oses? Have you considered putting
>> this is the options file?
> with defaulting to suggested would be a good idea.
> I don't see how testing on multiple OS and archs is an requirement for a
> small change, if it breaks on one system, report a bug and the package
> is adjusted.

Agreed.  If it's just turning on code that is in theory portable, don't

As for options, if there are no additional dependencies, that takes the
usual reason for options off the table.

The other question is: Why would someone want the option off?  Does
something bad happen if you aren't expecting it?  Are there megabytes
more of code?  So far I haven't seen a reason to make it an option.

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