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IMPORTANT: macOS binary package users

Hey all,

For those of you using my binary packages for macOS available from:

Please ensure that you run "pkg_add mksh" before doing any further
pkgin install or ugprade operations.

There are a couple of issues related to bootstrap packages that are
not currently handled correctly either by the infrastructure or pkgin.
This may be quite complicated to fix, but the above will at least get
you past the problem, until I'm able to figure out a way for pkgin to
handle it automatically.

For now you'll also run into problems with "pkgin upgrade" and
checksum mismatches with the mksh package, this is somewhat deliberate
to help ensure people see this or my Twitter messages before ending up
in a bad place.

Thanks, and sorry.

Note that this is only a problem for users using my binary package
repository, due to the unique combination of attempting to upgrade
from a system that has installed one particular bootstrap environment
to packages that have been built with a different bootstrap kit.  Any
users who bootstrap themselves will have no such problems.

Jonathan Perkin  -  Joyent, Inc.  -

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