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Re: macOS 10.11+ now using mksh by default

I think so, but cannot say with 100% certainty as it's not clear to
what extent SIP breaks things, and also whether Apple will continue to
restrict the system further in newer releases.

Sure, apple is good at breaking things. But we have a notion that pkgsrc should work on mac and if not pkgsrc should be fixed. I was in effect suggesting a negative: just because something breaks if you are using a non-mksh shell, then the answer is "well don't do that, and it's not a bug in pkgsrc unless it breaks with mksh too".

(and update README.MacOSX as well).

Someone else is welcome to do this, I vehemently dislike these READMEs
on the basis that it's better to have no documentation than have docs
that are either incorrect, obsolete, duplicated or in the wrong place,
or in the case of the bootstrap docs usually some combination of all

I don't follow your rage at this. Those files are in my view meant to say which versions of the OS can be used, and any other OS-specific things.

Where do you think this sort of thing ought to be documented instead? The pkgsrc guide doesn't AIUI talk about OS-specific issues.

And what's wrong about the mac one? I've been trying to keep it up to date as things change sometimes.

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