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Re: seamonkey & rust

David Holland <> writes:

> Hanging onto the old version shouldn't be expensive (given the
> assumption that it will rapidly become insecure, same as the old
> firefox) so... do enough people want it to warrant keeping it around?

Keep in mind that the deletion criteria reads differently from "enough
people want it to warrant keeping".  The cost of having a directory in
pkgsrc, even with bulk builds, is very low.  The normal test is that we
believe that are essentially zero users, or that there are few users
compared to some actual pain, and a little bit that we can say to any
user "we have no idea about your circumstances, or your constraints, but
even so we can with certainty and in good faith tell you that you are
doing the wrong thing, and there is essentially zero chance that we are
wrong in doing so".

I expect firefox52 to remain for quite a while.

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