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Re: Binary package for spamassassin requires excessive dependencies?

Dave Ellis <> writes:

> To summarize, using 'pkgin install spamassassin' reports 4,678
> dependencies required totalling 23GB, most of which appear to be X11
> related.  X11 is not installed or required on this system, and
> shouldn't be required for spamassassin.  This seems excessive?

Can you check if the actual binary  package lists those dependencies,
by fetching it separately and funning pkg_info on it?

I have built it locally and also see nothing like this; just wget,
gnup2, re2c and a bunch of perl modules.
pkg_info -S reports 93 MB.   Which is a big, but nothing like what you
are seeing.

(Basically, we need to first understand if this is a bug in the built
package or a bug in pkgin).)

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