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Re: failuers when building ncurses-6.1 on pkgsrc_2019Q4

* On 2020-03-08 at 09:32 GMT, Zhiwen Zheng wrote:

> libtool can find gcc, but not g++, they are in the same dir, the dir
> are in PATH.
> After set GCCBASE in /opt/local/etc/mk.conf, the error disappeared.
> But it complains 'ranlib not found', ranlib is in /opt/tools/bin,
> and I didn't add it to PATH, if i put that into PATH, this error
> also disappears. I also tried adding "RANLIB=/opt/tools/bin/ranlib"
> into /opt/local/etc/mk.conf, but that doest work, I notice CC, CXX,
> and RANLIB are all defined in /opt/local/share/mk/, if CC and
> CXX can be overriden in mk.conf, why RANLIB can't ?

libtool hardcodes locations of tools when you build it, so if you have
changed settings afterwards you need to rebuild libtool.

Really, as soon as you change any mk.conf setting you should rebuild
all of your packages, as there is no way to know what has been
affected by the change, unless it is something like changing a package
option for a leaf package.

Jonathan Perkin  -  Joyent, Inc.  -

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