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Re: failuers when building ncurses-6.1 on pkgsrc_2019Q4

The exact building environment was destroyed to retry the GCCBASE option instructed by Tobias,
the mk.conf was generated by bootstrap, I didn't edit it, and the default mk.conf in pkgsrc not changed.
the cmd line was 
"bootstrap --abi 32 --prefix /opt/local --workdir /opt/work".

-bash-4.3# cat /opt/local/etc/mk.conf 
# Example /opt/local/etc/mk.conf file produced by bootstrap-pkgsrc
# Sun Mar  8 13:15:59 CST 2020

.ifdef BSD_PKG_MK	# begin pkgsrc settings

ABI=			32

PKG_DBDIR=		/opt/local/pkgdb
LOCALBASE=		/opt/local
VARBASE=		/opt/local/var
PKG_TOOLS_BIN=		/opt/local/sbin

TOOLS_PLATFORM.install?=	/opt/local/bin/bsdinstall
TOOLS_PLATFORM.awk?=		/opt/local/bin/nawk
TOOLS_PLATFORM.sed?=		/opt/local/bin/nbsed		/usr/bin/bash

.endif			# end pkgsrc settings


libtool can find gcc, but not g++, they are in the same dir, the dir are in PATH.

After set GCCBASE in /opt/local/etc/mk.conf, the error disappeared.
But it complains 'ranlib not found', ranlib is in /opt/tools/bin, and I didn't add it to PATH, 
if i put that into PATH, this error also disappears. I also tried adding "RANLIB=/opt/tools/bin/ranlib" 
into /opt/local/etc/mk.conf, but that doest work, I notice CC, CXX, and RANLIB are all defined in 
/opt/local/share/mk/, if CC and CXX can be overriden in mk.conf, why RANLIB can't ?

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