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Re: pkgsrc on Linux, how to get started and distinguish packages from base system?

On Fri, 21 Feb 2020 at 14:43, Jason Bacon <> wrote:
> On 2020-02-20 02:22, Ottavio Caruso wrote:
> > IMHO, pkgsrc on Linux is not perfect, as most packages have been
> > tested mainly on NetBSD. You can follow pkgsrc-bulk, just to give you
> > an idea of what builds and what doesn't.
> In my recent bulk-builds, it works almost as well on Linux as on NetBSD:
> www/pkgsrc/packages/sharedapps/pkg-2019Q2/NetBSD-8.1/All    17047
> www/pkgsrc/packages/sharedapps/pkg-2019Q2/RHEL7/All    16844
> www/pkgsrc/packages/sharedapps/pkg-2019Q3/NetBSD-8.1/All    17530
> www/pkgsrc/packages/sharedapps/pkg-2019Q3/RHEL7/All    17059
> www/pkgsrc/packages/sharedapps/pkg-2019Q4/NetBSD-8.1/All    17746
> www/pkgsrc/packages/sharedapps/pkg-2019Q4/RHEL7/All    17290
> This is using a modified mk.conf (generated by auto-pkgsrc-setup) to
> utilize pkgsrc gcc7 for all builds except itself.  Without that, there
> would be many more failures due to upstream incompatibility with gcc48
> (the RHEL7 native compiler).
> I do see occasional annoying breakage, e.g. the latest binutils commit
> broke it for RHEL7.  We mostly rely on quarterly releases, though, and
> most of these issues get fixed during a freeze.

Correct me if I'm wrong, not all packages are built in your bulk
builds (same can be said for Joyent's repos). For example, qemu is not

Some packages do build on Linux, but don't work as expected or
segfault. (I have a private log of programs that don't work on my

Ottavio Caruso

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