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Re: [Solved] Re: net/ntp4: where are the configuration and rc.d files?

Ottavio Caruso <> writes:

>> If you want to figure out how to fix this and send a patch, it might
>> help people.  There's some potential trickiness surrounding not messing
>> up things on NetBSD, and I don't know how pkgsrc deals with rc.d files
>> when they already exist when "PKG_RCD_SCRIPTS=yes" is set.
> Thanks for your input. I solved the problem, but you probably didn't
> get my email, for the reasons explained below. The scripts are in
> /usr/pkg/share/examples/rc.d.

That is indeed the correct place for them.

> I'm having problems posting to the NetBSD mailing lists. It's either
> that the messages get there with a delay, or they get there in
> duplicate/triplicate copies.
> Apologies, but I can't find a solution to that.

I can't help observing that you have a address :-(

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