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Re: pbulk and distcc still broken?

John Klos <> writes:

>>> I've recently tried to use distcc with pbulk. Real life doesn't match
>> No experience with that, but I dimly remember that distcc and cwrappers
>> do not work together.   I think that I had to turn off cwrappers to use
>> distcc.
> I saw that mentioned in the 2018 thread, but can you say definitively
> if that's a solution? cwrappers and distcc work perfectly fine
> together without pbulk.

No, I can say nothing definitively, only that I have a
mostly-but-not-100% reliable memory that sometime in the past, perhaps 2
years ago, I had trouble with distcc and found that turning off
cwrappers let me build packages.  So my comments were meant to be a hint
to look into that interaction, and I should have said that more clearly.

From other comments, it seems like the cwrappers/distcc issue has been

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