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pbulk and distcc still broken?


I've recently tried to use distcc with pbulk. Real life doesn't match documentation, though, and I wonder if anything has changed in the last two years:

If pbulk is run without distcc, then distcc is installed (regardless of what prefix is used to install it, or if it's even just added to the PATH without registering packages), then running any pbulk always fails with "don't know how to build /nonexistent" or something like that when it then tries to build distcc, even with IGNORE_DISTCC.

If pbulk is run with distcc in /etc/mk.conf & in the mk.conf fragment passed to pkgsrc/mk/pbulk/, then running any pbulk always fails with:

Cyclic dependency for package:

Does anyone know of any solution? Should I send-pr?

John Klos

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