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Re: none

The ridiculous To: line was erroneous.

[Regeneratus root]~ # cd /Packages/netbsd/ports/devel/glib2
[Regeneratus root]/Packages/netbsd/ports/devel/glib2 # ls
CVS INSTALL PLIST files patches
DESCR Makefile.common distinfo work
[Regeneratus root]/Packages/netbsd/ports/devel/glib2 # ls patches CVS patch-glib_gspawn.c
patch-gio_gcredentialsprivate.h patch-glib_gtypes.h
patch-gio_giomodule.c patch-glib_tests_hash.c
patch-gio_gresource-tool.c patch-glib_tests_include.c
patch-gio_gunixmounts.c patch-gmodule_gmodule-ar.c
patch-gio_inotify_inotify-kernel.c patch-gmodule_gmodule-dl.c patch-gmodule_gmodule-dyld.c
patch-gio_tests_gdbus-export.c patch-gmodule_gmodule-win32.c
patch-glib_gatomic.c patch-gmodule_gmodule.c
patch-glib_gmacros.h patch-meson_options.txt
[Regeneratus root]/Packages/netbsd/ports/devel/glib2 # sha512 patches/patch-glib_genviron.c
SHA512 (patches/patch-glib_genviron.c) = f55a4041410f3f1e35b476d00717017a6b4becc66ff8df49a715bcf922e35d8ede143743fc15b32b03acb83103073c9216c150851c61c47d37f7ef830273c0f8
[Regeneratus root]/Packages/netbsd/ports/devel/glib2 #

I am considering building it myself when I get home from a bike ride.

On 23 January, 2020 5:08:40 PM PST, Greg Troxel <> wrote:
(I hope the ridiculous To: line content was an error and not some
intentional spam-fighting thing, but I've pruned it. Color me amused by
UUCP, which I used to get mail on 7th Edition.)

Ellenor Malik <> writes:

If you use FreeBSD and have the pkgsrc tree cloned onto it, you may
know that in the past, devel/glib2 did not link properly, having an
error involving the 'environ' symbol. This problem is still
manifesting for me. I've contacted the maintainer (!prlw1)
and they've said to me that the change that should fix the issue (I
believe it was related to PR #54752) had already been committed to the
pkgsrc tree. If there's something I'm missing, please inform me at
once. The way I cloned my copy of the pkgsrc tree was `cvs checkout pkgsrc`.

Look in devel/glib2/patches to make sure that you have patch-glib_genviron.c
It's from December 29.

Run "make MAKE_JOBS=1 package" with stdout/stderr saved to a file, and
look over the contents for errors, such as the above patch not applying.
MAKE_JOBS=1 is just to avoid parallel builds because they can cause
trouble and even if not they make reading build logs harder.

After that, I can only suggest

- debugging the weak symbol linking issues directly

- seeing if unmodified glib2 will build not via pkgsrc, and if it
doesn't, addressing that with the glib2 project

- looking at the FreeBSD ports tree entry to see if it handles this

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