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Re: none

(I hope the ridiculous To: line content was an error and not some
intentional spam-fighting thing, but I've pruned it.  Color me amused by
UUCP, which I used to get mail on 7th Edition.)

Ellenor Malik <> writes:

> If you use FreeBSD and have the pkgsrc tree cloned onto it, you may
> know that in the past, devel/glib2 did not link properly, having an
> error involving the 'environ' symbol. This problem is still
> manifesting for me. I've contacted the maintainer (!prlw1)
> and they've said to me that the change that should fix the issue (I
> believe it was related to PR #54752) had already been committed to the
> pkgsrc tree. If there's something I'm missing, please inform me at
> once. The way I cloned my copy of the pkgsrc tree was `cvs
> checkout pkgsrc`.

Look in devel/glib2/patches to make sure that you have patch-glib_genviron.c 
It's from December 29.

Run "make MAKE_JOBS=1 package" with stdout/stderr saved to a file, and
look over the contents for errors, such as the above patch not applying.
MAKE_JOBS=1 is just to avoid parallel builds because they can cause
trouble and even if not they make reading build logs harder.

After that, I can only suggest

  - debugging the weak symbol linking issues directly

  - seeing if unmodified glib2 will build not via pkgsrc, and if it
    doesn't, addressing that with the glib2 project

  - looking at the FreeBSD ports tree entry to see if it handles this

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