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Re: qcad can't read/import DXF files.

On Thu, 7 Nov 2019, Greg Troxel wrote:

> From my viewpoint, I'd say that if MAKE_JOBS_SAFE fixes it, that's
> better for pkgsrc, because it's less magic to carry, and less to merge
> on updates.   Yes, it takes longer for one package, but bulk builds seem
> to run MAKE_JOBS=1 in each build and mulitple in parallel, so it doesn't
> matter there.

Alas MAKE_JOBS=1 will not produce a working "" library either.
The intermediate library "" is first built in release mode
then deleted and built in debug mode.  Only afterwards is it linked as
part of "" rendering a "release plugin built in debug mode".

Only my renaming hack has worked around it.
I don't see how this could work for anyone.  Who's recently rebuilt
"cad/qcad" and had it work as-is?

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