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Re: golang for NetBSD-9.0_BETA-aarch64

> go for NetBSD aarch64 is not quite there yet. But with the recent
> COMPAT_NETBSD32 fixes it should be possible to build go binary packages
> in a 32-bit earmv7hf chroot. Since go binaries are statically linked
> you can then force-install the resulting package on your 64-bit host.

It goes without saying that this only works if your machine actually
has 32-bit ARM instructions. For instance, the ARM VMs at Scaleway
have no 32-bit support.

aarch64 support for Go is there in 1.13 but crashes as soon as it gets
a signal. Someone needs to switch the runtime to use TLS instead of a
CPU register, because receiving a signal clobbers its value. This will
hurt performance a bit, unfortunately.

The master bug is


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