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Re: [2019Q3] Cannot build libkexiv2

On Wed, Oct 09, 2019 at 12:49:03PM +0200, BERTRAND Jol wrote:
> 	I have tried to fix CMakeLists.txt and CMake modules without any
> success... But I'm not a Cmake guru.
> 	Best regards,
> 	JB

The problems are deeper than this. Exiv2 breaks API frequently and kexiv2
is no longer maintained (it was part of KDE4 which nobody really cares about
any more). It is going to get harder and harder to keep this working.

CMake generally allows you to detect dependencies either using its builtin
module system or through pkgconfig directly. For a start you might need to
remove any specific version checks and use pkg_check_modules or something.

But this will almost definitely not work without continued code modifications.

So far I have mainly just been disabling exif support in effected packages
to keep KDE working for those that want it.

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