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Re: Building rust on netbsd-9/i386

On 26/09/2019 23:02, David Brownlee wrote:
I'm trying to build rust (for firefox) on netbsd-9/i386

To get the cargo binary to run I just needed to copy some libs from netbsd-8
     cp -a lib/* /lib
     cp -a usr/lib/* /usr/lib
     cp -a usr/lib/* /usr/lib
     cp -a usr/lib/* /usr/lib
     cp -a usr/lib/* /usr/lib

but then later I hit rust-bootstrap/bin/rustc failing with "Shared
object \"\" not found" (full error below).

Seeing the exact same thing with 8.1_STABLE i386. The amd64 bootstrap rust doesn't have this issue. Is there someway that the bootstrap rust environment can be regenerated locally rather than relying on the download?


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