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Building rust on netbsd-9/i386

I'm trying to build rust (for firefox) on netbsd-9/i386

To get the cargo binary to run I just needed to copy some libs from netbsd-8
    cp -a lib/* /lib
    cp -a usr/lib/* /usr/lib
    cp -a usr/lib/* /usr/lib
    cp -a usr/lib/* /usr/lib
    cp -a usr/lib/* /usr/lib

but then later I hit rust-bootstrap/bin/rustc failing with "Shared
object \"\" not found" (full error below).

There is a .buildlink/lib/ present. Am I missing something
obvious here? :)



(That rust-bootstrap/bin/rustc error)
error: process didn't exit successfully:
`/var/obj/pkg/lang/rust/work/rust-bootstrap/bin/rustc -vV` (exit code:
--- stdout
rustc 1.37.0
binary: rustc
commit-hash: unknown
commit-date: unknown
host: i686-unknown-netbsd
release: 1.37.0

--- stderr
error: couldn't load codegen backend
Shared object \"\" not found"

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