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Re: pkg_comp log oddties

Turns out to be a bit more subtitle.  If one doesn’t specify a PBULK_LOG in the pkgsrc.conf file for pkb_comp, then none of the logs get created although the final message coming from a pkg_comp build indicates the logs can be found there.  So it appears that the underlying pbulk defaults to /usr/pkgsrc/packages/log for building packages and reports that failures can be found there, they aren’t and pkg_comp doesn’t assume this same default.  Pkg_comp assumes a null file spec unless one explicitly defines PBULK_LOG.  If the directory specified by PBULK_LOG doesn’t exist when pkg_comp is invoked then pkg_comp bails.

Seems that pkg_comp and pbulk need to have their defaults a bit better aligned so that the build results coming from pbulk during a pkg_comp run match reality.  It may also be good if pkg_comp actually created the directory specified by PBULK_LOG if it doesn’t exist.

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