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Re: no emacs/X binary packages considered bad, and worse than emacs with svg

Greg Troxel <> wrote:

> So, I propose to disable the svg option by default in all the emacs
> packages, on the grounds that:
>   a missing emacs binary package is really really defective
>   emacs binary packages without svg are not that defective
>   anybody not using the binary repo is building themselves and can add
>   it back if they care
>   I suspect the user of the svg option is essentially zero
> For this discussion, please assume fixing librsvg/rust is intractable
> for pkgbuild.
> So, if you object to disabling the svg option by default, please speak
> up with rationale including precisely what you think should should
> happen instead and why this is overall better for pkgsrc users.
> If you actually use svg in emacs, please tell us what for and your
> opinion about how many others are likely to do that.

I don't know whether my vote counts, but as I said in my thread about
emacs and rust, I support your proposal to disable the svg option by
default for emacs.

Naturally, it's fun to be able to view svg files in emacs(!), but for
me, the dependency chain "emacs (with svg) --> librsvg --> rust"
outweighs this fun.

In addition, as far as graphics in emails are concerned, my strong
impression is that svg files are *much* rarer than png or jpg or gif
files (but perhaps my experience isn't typical).

As a follow-up to my thread about emacs and rust, what I ended up doing
was to install the rust amd64 binary from, which seemed
to work (I was able to compile librsvg), so in this particular instance,
I kept the option svg for emacs. (By the way, the rust amd64 binary on, although in the 8.1 directory, appears to have been
built for 8.0.)


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