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Re: wget does not compile on FreeBSD12 with openssl

Pierre Dupond <> writes:

  [spacing repaired]

> 1) Is it possible to generate only static (or dynamic) libraries
> instead of both when compiling a package with PKGSRC (for instance
> when compiling "libunistring")

pkgsrc generally

  - runs the upstream build
  - fixes upstream code to follow norms

Now, you should realize that having dynamic libraries is one of those
norms.  Part of the reaosn is that when a library is fixed (e.g. a
security bug), then programs that use it do not need to be rebuilt.

But often upstream packages have configure arguments for linking.   If
not, you can change the upstream  build process by patching.  This could
be an option "static" that if enabled causes the package to be built
this way.  Doing this may (should?) remove shlibs, and thus the PLIST
will change.  So this is a lot of work.

Even if you do the work, I'm not sure we want to commit such changes, as
they are non-trivial and support something that seems quite unusual.

I would ask instead why you want static linking; perhaps there's another
way to solve your underlying problem, rather than supporting your notion
of a solution to that (so far not explained) problem.

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