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wget does not compile on FreeBSD12 with openssl

Hi All,

         I am trying to compile wget on FreeBSD12 and I get an error
when I try

to compile it with the openssl library. I suppose this is related to the
fact that

the DES encryption has been removed from the library. With GNUTls, the

works well and the package for wget is created correctly.

It is however not possible to compile "wget" statically (what I would

Do you have an idea on how to solve the problem?

By looking a little bit further, I have discovered that:

             * pkgsrc does not compile openssl on FreeBSD.

               (at least, the library is not installed on my system when

               the installed packages with the "pkg_info" command)

               This is a little bit strange since the "openssl" library 
is probably a prerequisite

                to compile wget with openssl.

           * By triying the same compilation under PureOS  which is a

                 of Debian made by the purism firm
(, "wget" is correctly

                 compiled and the library openssl is correctly installed.

--------------------------------------------- Here is the error message
when compiling with openssl

=> Bootstrap dependency digest>=20010302: found digest-20190127
===> Checking for vulnerabilities in wget-1.20.3nb1
===> Creating toolchain wrappers for wget-1.20.3nb1
Unable to find headers for old DES API.
*** Error code 1

bmake[1]: stopped in /opt/pkgsrc/net/wget
*** Error code 1

bmake: stopped in /opt/pkgsrc/net/wget

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