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How to deal with a library version bump in the context of pkgsrc host and pkgin server


I have a -current system, at present at 8.99.51 from yesterday. Among
the rest, it toils as a pkgsrc build host, subsequently serving other
-current machines. It fairly recently survived reasonably well a
'pkg_rolling-replace -uvk' on some 2800 packages. It also is used for
regular building of -current, which I then use to setup new machines
(mostly virtual under various virtualization tools - Hyper-V, XCP-NG,
VirtualBox, qemu-nvmm), which get their pkgin pointing to this host.
It works well, almost.

Recently /usr/X11R7/lib/ was bumped up to 19.0, I have some

# bzcat  /usr/pkgsrc/packages/All/pkg_summary.bz2 | grep
'REQUIRES=/usr/X11R7/lib/'  | wc -l

packages needing the old version. The new machines get the next
version, so none of the above can be installed on them, plus all those
depending on them.

I guess I will have to locate all the packages depending on this and
rebuild them, without cvs-updating. I wonder if there were any better
approach to that.

I could copy to the new systems in parallel to the
new version, but it seems rather ugly.


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