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net/unison moved to net/unison2.48


If you're still using net/unison, please switch to net/unison2.48 now
(or net/unison2.51 if upgrading is an option). This version of the
package allows parallel installation with net/unison2.51, the current
stable version.

I needed this because Ubuntu still ships 2.48 but I was using 2.51 on
my machines, and the versions are not compatible.

When connecting via ssh, unison (whatever the binary is called) will
look for "unison". With "-addversionno" you can make it run
"unison-2.48" instead and it will interoperate nicely with the pkgsrc

Btw, are there any users of unison2.32 or unison2.40 left? These
currently don't build, as I noticed when I tried switching them as


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