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Re: kermit does not compile in las pkgsrc

"Pierre Dupond" <> writes:

> In file included from ckucmd.c:41:
> ckucmd.c: In function 'cmdconchk':
> ckucmd.c:7395:48: error: 'FILE' {aka 'struct _IO_FILE'} has no member named '_cnt'
>      debug(F101,"cmdconchk stdin->_cnt","",stdin->_cnt);
>                                                 ^~
> ckcdeb.h:5128:51: note: in definition of macro 'debug'
>  ((void)(deblog?dodebug(a,b,(char *)(c),(CK_OFF_T)(d)):0))
>                                                    ^
> ckucmd.c:7396:14: error: 'FILE' {aka 'struct _IO_FILE'} has no member named '_cnt'
>      x = stdin->_cnt;

Guessing a bit, it looks like kermit is using a private variable _cnt,
and GNU/Linux either doesn't have this or is (quite reasonably) hiding
it.  The fix is perhaps to #ifndef linux that.

I would also look at the upstream code and bug tracker, and the packages
for various GNU/Linux  distribution to see if they are patching for
this, or if there is something else going on.

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