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kermit does not compile in las pkgsrc

Hi All,
        As you can see in the following log, kermit does not compile
on Linux (Devuan in that case which is the Debian without
systemd). I have get the same problem under PureOS (an other
variant of Debian).

Do you have an idea why? 

Fortunately, a binary for kermit
is available on kermit site but it would be nice if it would compile
under pkgsrc.


Best regards,


-----------------------------------log of compilation---------------------------
Script démarré sur 2019-07-19 16:15:53+02:00
root@devuan-virt:/opt/pkgsrc/comms/kermit# bmake package
=> Bootstrap dependency digest>=20010302: found digest-20190127
===> Skipping vulnerability checks.
WARNING: No /opt/pkg/pkgdb/pkg-vulnerabilities file found.
WARNING: To fix run: `/opt/pkg/sbin/pkg_admin -K /opt/pkg/pkgdb fetch-pkg-vulnerabilities'.
===> Building for kermit-9.0.302nb10
grep: /usr/include/sys/*.h: No such file or directory
Making C-Kermit "9.0.302" for Linux 1.2 or later...
IMPORTANT: Read the comments in the linux section of the
makefile if you have trouble.
make xermit KTARGET=${KTARGET:-linuxa} "CC = gcc" "CC2 = gcc"  "CFLAGS = -O -DLINUX -pipe -funsigned-char -DFNFLOAT -DCK_POSIX_SIG  -DCK_NEWTERM -DTCPSOCKET -DLINUXFSSTND -DNOCOTFMC -DPOSIX  -DUSE_STRERROR -DCK_NCURSES -DHAVE_PTMX    -DHAVE_OPENPTY  -D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64  -DHAVE_CRYPT_H   -I/opt/pkg/include/ncurses" "LNKFLAGS = "  "LIBS = -lncurses  -L/opt/pkg/lib -Wl,-R/opt/pkg/lib  -lncurses  -lutil  -lresolv  -lcrypt   -lm"
In file included from ckucmd.c:41:
ckucmd.c: In function 'cmdconchk':
ckucmd.c:7395:48: error: 'FILE' {aka 'struct _IO_FILE'} has no member named '_cnt'
     debug(F101,"cmdconchk stdin->_cnt","",stdin->_cnt);
ckcdeb.h:5128:51: note: in definition of macro 'debug'
 ((void)(deblog?dodebug(a,b,(char *)(c),(CK_OFF_T)(d)):0))
ckucmd.c:7396:14: error: 'FILE' {aka 'struct _IO_FILE'} has no member named '_cnt'
     x = stdin->_cnt;
*** Error code 1

make[2]: stopped in /opt/pkgsrc/comms/kermit/work
*** Error code 1

make[1]: stopped in /opt/pkgsrc/comms/kermit/work
*** Error code 1

bmake: stopped in /opt/pkgsrc/comms/kermit/work
*** Error code 1

bmake[1]: stopped in /opt/pkgsrc/comms/kermit
*** Error code 1

bmake: stopped in /opt/pkgsrc/comms/kermit
root@devuan-virt:/opt/pkgsrc/comms/kermit# exit

Script terminé sur 2019-07-19 16:16:07+02:00

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