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boostraping pkgsrc on Solaris 9

I know Solaris 9 is pretty old but I was woundering if I can get help. pkgsrc 2019Q2 doesn't seems to be able to bootstrap :

===> bootstrap command: /srv/pkgsrc/bootstrap/bootstrap --prefix=/srv/pbulk --abi=64 --workdir=/var/tmp/pbulkbuildv.pbulk.frag
===> bootstrap started: Sat Jun 15 07:17:33 EDT 2019
checking for struct statfs.f_flags... no
checking for struct statfs.f_fsize... no
checking for struct statfs.f_iosize... no
checking for struct dirent.d_namlen... no
checking for DIR.dd_fd... yes
checking for dirfd... no
checking *printf() support for %lld... yes
checking for strtoll... (cached) yes
checking if vsnprintf is standards compliant... yes
configure: updating cache config.cache
configure: creating ./config.status
config.status: creating Makefile
config.status: creating nbcompat/config.h
nawk -f nbcompat.awk nbcompat/config.h > nbcompat/nbconfig.h
Bus Error - core dumped
===> exited with status 138

I made sure all prerequisites is respected according to 

[root@zone9 ~]$ pkginfo  | egrep "SUNWarc|SUNWbtool|SUNWbzip|SUNWdoc|SUNWhea|SUNWlibm|SUNWlibmr|SUNWman|SUNWscpr|SUNWscpu|SUNWsprot|SUNWtoo|SUNWxcu4"
system      SUNWarc                          Archive Libraries
system      SUNWarcx                         Archive Libraries (64-bit)
system      SUNWbtool                        CCS tools bundled with SunOS
system      SUNWbzip                         The bzip compression utility
system      SUNWbzipx                        The bzip compression library (64-bit)
system      SUNWdoc                          Documentation Tools
system      SUNWhea                          SunOS Header Files
system      SUNWlibm                         Forte Developer Bundled libm
system      SUNWlibms                        Forte Developer Bundled shared libm
system      SUNWman                          On-Line Manual Pages
system      SUNWscpr                         Source Compatibility, (Root)
system      SUNWscpu                         Source Compatibility, (Usr)
system      SUNWscpux                        Source Compatibility (Usr) (64-bit)
system      SUNWsprot                        Solaris Bundled tools
system      SUNWtoo                          Programming Tools
system      SUNWtoox                         Programming Tools (64-bit)
system      SUNWxcu4                         XCU4 Utilities
system      SUNWxcu4t                        XCU4 make and sccs utilities
Installed gcc4 and bash4.3 from OpenCSW :

[root@zone9 ~]$ pkgutil -l | egrep "bash|gcc"

Replaced /usr/bin/bash by OpenCSW bash ( don't know if bash 2.05 included with Solaris 9 is as buggy as bash 3.2 provided with Solaris 10 but I  didn't take any chances)

Any suggestion ?

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