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Re: devel/git and devel/git-base are confusing

On Tue, Jul 16, 2019 at 05:48:35PM +0200, Kamil Rytarowski wrote:
> This is a meta topic, but in the end the user is supposed to get piece
> of software as a package (even if it is built locally). Options and
> building from sources is supported in probably every popular packaging
> system, including RPM.

A couple of distinct points:

- Are we ok going the rpm way? Binary first culture?

- If rpm build system (don't know how many people have the habit to build
  from sources among rpm uses) supports options, that's a good thing. The
  worry here is pkgsrc discouraging use of options.

  Question is not about pkgsrc as a framework supports options or not.
  It's about whether pkgsrc packages are encouraged to utilize them or are
  they discouraged. As the replies on git suggest, it seems it's being
  discouraged. That's the worry.


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