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Re: python opencv dependency

> I am using pkgsrc opencv. Running python3.7, "import cv2" works. Trying
> to write a file which mentions that dependency fails:
> # cat 
> from setuptools import setup
> setup(
>        name='cvtest',
>        version='0.1',
>        description='How to depend on cv2',
>        install_requires=['cv2']
> )
> # python3.7 install
> running install
> ...
> Processing dependencies for cvtest==0.1
> Searching for cv2
> Reading
> No local packages or working download links found for cv2
> error: Could not find suitable distribution for Requirement.parse('cv2')
> If I change 'cv2' to 'numpy', the same code happily finds py37-numpy-1.16.4
> Any idea on what the difference is?

graphics/opencv does not install a real Python module(egg), but just  a bunch of Python files.
Also, cv2 package does not exist on PyPI.

In your, you can check the presence of OpenCV in a different way (e.g. try: import cv2). If not found, fail with a message that a binary OpenCV is required.

Kind regards,

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