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Re: python never exiting when building firefox

On 17/06/2019 19:59, David Brownlee wrote:
Something like 50% of the time when I try to build firefox I end up with a python process that never ends. From memory this also happens almost every time I try to build thunderbird, but... I don't often try to build thunderbird :)

> Is anyone else seeing this?

Used to see it occasionally (but nothing like the 50% level) quite a lot on older 8.0 stable systems doing builds under jenkins. It started behaving better when I put a wrapper around the builds that ran things in a PTY. The problem also seemed to be sensitive to how much data was backed up in the output pipe. Even with the pty if I didn't keep the pipe drained by flushing the stdout of the wrapper it seemed to behave badly.

Was more prevalent with thunderbird than firefox but I have seen it on both.

I've also seen gmake blow up with errors on stdout/stderr at process exit causing the build to fail (also in firefox/thunderbird) but again haven't seen that since I switched to the wrapper approach either.

Also with MAKE_JOBS set to 8.


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