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Re: More print/poppler troubles: print/web2c

Edgar Fuß <> writes:

>> setting GCC_REQD=5 so the C++14 sources could be compiled
> That's why the pkgsrc infrastructure should infer GCC_REQD from USE_LANGUAGES.
> I've written a patch to do that.
>> The core of the issue is that you can't really pick C++ compilers on a
>> per-package basis.
> That's why the pkgsrc infrastructure should let you choose one GCC version 
> (at least for C++), bootstrap-compile that to a different PREFIX (because 
> the dependencies can't be used later on because they were built with a 
> different GCC version), compile everything else with that GCC and fail if 
> a package requires a newer one.
> I've written a patch to do that, but without the bootstrap.


Sijmen: See for discussion.

The short story on the way to succeed for now is:

  First, build a new enough gcc.

  Then, put GCC_REQD=5 (or 6) in mk.conf.

  Then, build everything you need.

As Edgar says, the hard part is making the bootstrap work, and having it
play nice with both regular user usage and bulk builds.

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