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Re: www/amaya - query for users/maintainers

nia transcribed 969 bytes:
> On Wed, Jun 19, 2019 at 05:02:18PM +0000, wrote:
> > I can give updating it a try in about 2 months (gsoc, but I can
> > do bits and pieces before that).
> > 
> > I'm not a user of it though.
> I wouldn't put effort into updating it for the sake of updating it
> unless you want to use it. I just checked and few other packaging
> systems for unix are shipping this, and it might end up being a
> non-trivial amount of (re-)patching.

I'm curious, which ones did you find? When I searched I found only
ones which dropped it.
I agree, doesn't make much sense if I work on it.
> I'm more interested in whether anyone is passionately interested
> in getting this running again, since we seem to be more inclined
> to weird and old browsers than others. However, I'm guessing to
> be useful to anyone it has to be at least capable of browsing
> and wikipedia - unless they just want it as an editor.
> Since it doesn't support JS or modern CSS we might be able to
> afford being a bit less worried about security. The variations of
> old Firefox ESR (seamonkey, firefox52) and qt5-qtwebkit are likely
> to be more worrying.


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