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Re: NetBSD ports vs pkgsrc architecture

On Wed, Jun 05, 2019 at 05:16:43PM -0400, Julien Savard wrote:
> As I said previously a compatibility matrix between NetBSD ports and pkgsrc
> architecture would be nice.

You are looking at that differences between MACHINE (the port) and
MACHINE_ARCH (the compatible binaries).
You can find a mapping in the src/ script:

# When a MACHINE corresponds to multiple possible values of
# MACHINE_ARCH, then this table should list all allowed combinations.
# If the MACHINE is associated with a default MACHINE_ARCH (to be
# used when the user specifies the MACHINE but fails to specify the
# MACHINE_ARCH), then one of the lines should have the "DEFAULT"
# keyword.  If there is no default MACHINE_ARCH for a particular
# MACHINE, then there should be a line with the "NO_DEFAULT" keyword,
# and with a blank MACHINE_ARCH.
MACHINE=acorn32         MACHINE_ARCH=arm
MACHINE=acorn32         MACHINE_ARCH=earmv4     ALIAS=eacorn32 DEFAULT
MACHINE=algor           MACHINE_ARCH=mips64el   ALIAS=algor64
MACHINE=algor           MACHINE_ARCH=mipsel     DEFAULT
MACHINE=alpha           MACHINE_ARCH=alpha
MACHINE=amd64           MACHINE_ARCH=x86_64
MACHINE=amiga           MACHINE_ARCH=m68k

Additionally there are the arm complications (that you cited already),
and some ports (besides arm that should be mips and ppc) exist in
little and big endian variants, but not all real machines can boot both
(due to firmware or similar restrictions).

Hope this helps,


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