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Re: Add to gst-plugins1-base a message?

adr <adr%SDF.ORG@localhost> writes:

> There are plugins separeted from gst-plugins1-base, gst-plugins1-ugly,
> etc. E.g. gst-plugins1-x11. It wouldn't be nice to at least show a
> warning? gst-plugins1-x11 is even in another category.

What kind of warning, to who, when?  It seems like the DESCR should
explain what the package contains, and if not, we should fix that.

We definitely should not abuse MESSAGE for this :-)

And, if our names deviate from upstream, we should perhaps reorganize,
so that the package with the name used by upstream has the contents
(perhaps by depending on multiple) expected.  But honestly I don't
expect anybody to get excited enough about this to fix it.

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