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Re: www/bozohttpd needs syncing with httpd -current

Mayuresh <> wrote:

> I have had off the list email discussion with Martin Husemann on this.
> Following is a trace of error that leads to core dump in the
> pkgsrc-current www/bozohttpd.
> > got request ``GET / HTTP/1.1'' from host <local> to port
> > <stdin>
> > assertion "lastenvp > curenvp" failed: file "cgi-bozo.c", line 594,
> > function "bozo_process_cgi"
> > Abort trap (core dumped)
> Martin has confirmed this to be fixed in -current httpd.
> I took the -current httpd source tree and built in pkgsrc and can confirm
> that this issue is resolved.
> Would it be nice to package the pkg version by taking latest httpd code?
> It will help those users who can't use -current on production servers but
> want to benefit from the bozohttpd fixes in -current.

Just curious: does this error affect bozohttpd in 8.0 base as well?


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