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www/bozohttpd needs syncing with httpd -current

I have had off the list email discussion with Martin Husemann on this.

Following is a trace of error that leads to core dump in the
pkgsrc-current www/bozohttpd.

> got request ``GET / HTTP/1.1'' from host <local> to port
> <stdin>
> assertion "lastenvp > curenvp" failed: file "cgi-bozo.c", line 594,
> function "bozo_process_cgi"
> Abort trap (core dumped)

Martin has confirmed this to be fixed in -current httpd.

I took the -current httpd source tree and built in pkgsrc and can confirm
that this issue is resolved.

Would it be nice to package the pkg version by taking latest httpd code?

It will help those users who can't use -current on production servers but
want to benefit from the bozohttpd fixes in -current.


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