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Re: epiphany still no audio

На 2019-05-28 в 08:30, Bob Bernstein написа:
> Here's my little report from my (now kinda dated) -current: 
> NetBSD nebby.localdomain 8.99.35 NetBSD 8.99.35 (GENERIC) #0: Wed Mar 13 06:27:34 UTC 2019 amd64
> Wip/epiphany (aka "Web") builds and installs and runs all very 
> nicely but doesn't care to have any truck with audio.
> Just to convince myself it isn't something else awry, on this 
> same system/desktop, as I now pound on this keyboard, Firefox60 
> (aka "Nightly") is having a grand old time listening to 
> (pretty neat radio 
> imho).
> Thanks!
Not that I use epiphany, but looking at this thread I went and built it
under -current amd64. Same with sound, unfortunately. Also no HTML5
video, so no youtube... However, WebGL is working perfectly for me, I
just ran a bunch of demos from Firefox 67.0,
on the other hand, now plays videos, even full screen, rather well and
with decent quality sound, but WebGL is not working at all. Midori also
does not have sound and HTML5 videos, WebGL is apparently reported, as
the demos all start, but do not display anything 3D.

I even logged on my old test account on, it works well.
This is with the native Xorg under 8.99.41, Intel 530 graphics.

Go figure...

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