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Re: databases/db4: is not built

I wrote:
Even though after running ../dist/configure --enable-cxx the object is

Also, libdb4_cxx static is built successfully. I wonder why it happens.

I should expand a bit.

Following these experiences I decided to test on another CentOS 7
installation, this time a vanilla one (i.e. no X11, Anaconda calls
this "Minimal Install"). Nothing else, apart from:
was installed from yum.  It fails with the same exact message.
/bin/install wants to install, but it doesn't exist,
because it's wasn't built. During the building phase, to create, libtool passes "-shared" to a compiler in case of the C-based library, so
it essentially builds both and libdb4.a, but when building the
C++ API it only builds libdb_cxx.a.


Now, I tried to bypass it by commenting out the "--enable-cxx" line
in databases/db4/Makefile, and it works for this package, but since
ncurses is another dependency, there it fails at,
which is another C++ shared object.  I don't know if it's a coincidence,
or something is simply missing from the systems.

Should I file a PR?  Has anybody experienced such problems?

The version of pkgsrc is 2018Q3, there's nothing in mk.conf that can
break -- other than PKG_OPTIONS, X11_TYPE, and MAKE_JOBS there's
nothing else.



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