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Re: Avoiding software duplication

On 12/27/18 7:53 AM, Cág wrote:
Jason Bacon wrote:

I use pkgsrc extensively on CentOS and my take on avoiding duplication
is "don't install the Yum version if it's avoidable".  I keep my Yum
installations to a minimum and use the more recent packages from pkgsrc
wherever possible.

I also want my pkgsrc installations to be completely self-reliant to
avoid unpleasant surprises, so I always set

PREFER_NATIVE=        no
PREFER_PKGSRC=        yes

in my mk.conf.

To avoid leakage issues, I actually build a full set of binary packages
in a minimal chroot, and only build from source on a production system
if I need an optimized or customized build.

That's really good advice, thanks!


BTW, my binary packages and bootstrap kits are publicly available here:

I'm still working out the final details for managing and distributing the -current packages prefixed to /usr/pkg.  Like the quarterly packages, the source tree will be kept in sync with the binary packages so you can freely choose between a binary package or customized build from source.  Once I have a stable system in place I intend to update them fairly regularly.



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