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Re: Removing editors/hnb "Hierarchical NoteBook"

On Thu, Nov 22, 2018 at 10:06:09AM +0530, Santhosh Raju wrote:
> This would be a little practice for me to use the commit system, so I
> am more than happy to integrate it myself.


> Since the patch spans most of the files used by hnb, I was thinking an
> unified diff that covers all the changed files would make more sense
> than having to have a new patch-* for every single file changed which
> would be close to 35 files.
> Do you think a single unified diff with a meaningful file name like
> patch-pointer-fixes would make more sense?

Sure, you can do that. It doesn't seem like we do multi-file patches
much in pkgsrc, but they do exist. I suspect because of 'mkpatches' not
generating them.

There's a couple of places where people started distributing a large
patch as a distfile, too.

> I shall send you the diff once I have better integration with pkgsrc.

Good luck!

One exra thing: something is currently mis-behaving regarding ncurses in
pkgsrc, you might want to start your testing with:
rm pkgsrc/*/ncurses/
(if on netbsd)

I'll try to address that...

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