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Re: devel/cbindgen compilation error

На 11/10/18 в 17:23, Mayuresh написа:
> On Sat, Nov 10, 2018 at 10:31:12PM +0530, Mayuresh wrote:
>>> For a browser without JS support, try Dillo. Fast and small.
>> In my last attempt to use dillo, it was crashing on startup. Will try
>> again. But looks like it's inactive - last stable release being of Jun 15.
> Works for me now. Does look fast and small. However for certain sites I
> visited for testing, rendering of netsurf is looking much neater than that
> of dillo.
> Mayuresh
I haven't tried any of the smaller web browsers recently. However, it is
worth mentioning that firefox 63.01 works very well for me on recent
-current. I don't see any core dumps now (there were previously, mainly
when closing the program, which was annoying as it would hang the system
for a while writing the dump). Right now I've got firefox running with
some 10-12 tabs opened, taking some 2.2 GB virtual and 600 MB working
set memory. It still seems a lot, but chrom(e|ium) would eat more than
that. So the problem is to have a decent enough machine to build it. I
am using an old(-ish) HP EliteBook with 20GB memory and a 120GB SSD,
still takes many hours. The laptop it normally runs has 16GB. At the
moment not more than 2.5 GB are in use, and that includes Mate, firefox
and thunderbird.

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