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Re: devel/cbindgen compilation error

For a browser without JS support, try Dillo. Fast and small.
On Sat, Nov 10, 2018 at 4:34 PM Mayuresh <> wrote:
> On Fri, Nov 09, 2018 at 06:54:11PM +0000, Chavdar Ivanov wrote:
> > I had something similar a few days ago after rebuilding the latest rust; I
> > had to rebuild clang as well. Firefox build nowadays is a full blown
> > adventure... rust, clang, nodejs, cbindgen...
> I reverted to firefox60! Lack of bravery!
> I also gave up on vimb due to failure to build webkit-gtk. I currently
> don't have a higher RAM machine running NetBSD. Binary package doesn't
> look up to date. But even if I manage to build it, it has already given me
> an impression of being too bloated if it requires that much resources to
> build itself. (I might be wrong on that.)
> Feel, there is a big vacuum in the browser space - a performant browser
> with JS support with a clean codebase.
> But for lack of JS support, netsurf looks appealing, on other grounds.
> Don't know whether it will just fall in line with others if it tries to
> add JS!
> And of course, for terminal elinks is pretty good among its peers like
> lynx and w3m. I happen to use elinks the most and don't even feel its
> presence!
> Mayuresh


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