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New stable QDirStat release: V1.5

Dear maintainers of QDirStat in all those distros out there,
there is a brand new stable release of QDirStat: V1.5.


- (Optional) breadcrumbs navigation

- (Optional) a new "details" panel for the currently selected item

- (Optional) new tree columns:
  owner, group, permissions both in "rwxrwxrwx" and in octal format

- Package manager support for the major Linux package managers (dpkg / rpm / 
pacman) to see what package a system file belongs to

- Quick-switchable different layouts for the main window

- A new "General" page in the configuration dialog

- Show in the window title if the program runs with root permissions (sudo 

- (Optional) show the URL in the window title

- Some bug fixes

I am sure I forgot some maintainers of some distros. Sorry for that; it does 
not mean that I don't value the work you are doing for integrating QDirStat 
into your distro.

Kind regards
Stefan Hundhammer

Krelingstr. 4   *   90408 Nürnberg   *   Germany

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