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Re: Building binary package off of remote binary set

On 11/01, Jonathan Perkin wrote:
> This is what our pkgbuild infrastructure does:
> It sets up an identical build environment to what we use, and will
> pull binary packages from our repository for dependencies (with a
> node.js proxy running in the background to store them locally for
> subsequent builds).

Wow!  That's cool!

Is TNF interested in using that?  Or would TNF be interested in doing
something similar to enable this workflow of using the exact same setup
as TNF, using TNF binary packages for dependencies, and building just
private (or pkgsrc-wip) packages?

Does Joyent plan to add support to pkgbuild for the amd64 port of
NetBSD?  If not, would Joyent be open to accepting a pull request that
adds support for it?



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