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Re: Shared distfiles over NFS for several machines

On Mon, Oct 22, 2018 at 06:21:40PM -0200, Silas wrote:
> I was just curious if some of you might have this problem: I have several
> machines that build packages for different operating systems and
> architectures.  Downloading distfiles over and over again doesn't sound a
> good idea so I was thinking about having distfiles shared over NFS.  The
> problem is that different machines might try to download the file at the
> same time, possibly causing some conflict for the downloaded file.  AFAIK,
> pkgsrc doesn't have anything like a lock for it, does it?

It doesn't have a lock. Personally, I've settled on having a local
distfile mirror with nginx that allows uploads via HTTP POST. The
individual builds will fetch the distfiles to ${WRKSRC}/.distfiles.

> One solution would be to download all files with "make fetch-list | sh" but
> I'd have to wait for all distfiles to be downloaded before starting to
> building them.

I strongly recomment to use depends-checksum or just running checksum in
in the category directories with -k. I would advise against using
fetch-list, e.g. it can result in bad files being put into DISTDIR and
creating problems later.


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