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Re: seg fault building npm

I did three nodejs rebuilds yesterday; no difference. I noticed that
'make package' needs gnu find ('-not'), and it is not enough to have
it in the path before NetBSD find - I had to place gfind as
/usr/bin/find whist building the package. 'make test' also requires
python in the path, to be python2.7; I ran it, it went for some 45
minutes and then crashed. The installation of npm also leads to
'signal 11' almost immediately (if one runs the script manually, about
40% of the scroll goes ahead before the signal 11 message).

This is on amd64 -current from a couple of days ago. I have mprotect 0
in sysctl.conf.
On Thu, 18 Oct 2018 at 01:22, Mike Pumford <> wrote:
> On 17/10/2018 12:46, wrote:
> > Oh, this is failing for me too, with ASLR and W^X disabled.
> > Must be another issue.
> Perhaps an issue with the build of nodejs-10 because if that led to the
> node binary being a bit wacky. I'll rebuild nodejs with that disabled. I
> don't mind disabling it globally as the machine where I'm doing this has
> very limited public exposure. :)
> It is good to know that its not just my build setup being strange.
> Mike


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