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Re: Working ganglia-webfrontend installation?

On 9/1/18 4:19 PM, Filip Hajny wrote:
28. 8. 2018 v 16:55, Jason Bacon <>:

Recompiling php71 and ap-php with the maintainer-zts option fixed it.

So the question now is, should maintainer-zts be enabled by default, or must everyone who wants PHP support build from source?
No. There is no good way about this, but last time I checked, threadsafe mode was still (probably forever, given it’s been years) marked as experimental in PHP, and it clashes with PHP extensions that do not support threads. Besides, there are arguably better ways (in terms of scalability) to deploy PHP with Apache, e.g. using FPM.

You can also just switch your Apache to use a non-threaded MPM, that shouldn’t require recompilation.

Thanks for the advice, this was very helpful.

I prefer not to muck around with multiple package managers and all the potential conflicts that situation brings.  I'm trying to limit my environment to Yum and pkgsrc, with pkgsrc well-isolated (PREFER_PKGSRC=yes, packages built in a pristine minimal CentOS jail to prevent leakage into the builds, etc)

Simply switching to the prefork MPM did the trick and this should be more than adequate for Ganglia:

sed -i'' -e 's|^LoadModule mpm_event_module|#LoadModule mpm_event_module|' $httpd_conf sed -i'' -e 's|#LoadModule mpm_prefork_module|LoadModule mpm_prefork_module|' $httpd_conf



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